Basic phrases

Here are some basic Swedish phrases which you can use in everyday conversation, as well as some common words you will see on signs.

tackplease (used at the end of a sentence); thanks, thank you
tack så mycketthank you very much
ingen orsakyou're welcome
hej or hej hejhi, hello
hejsanhi (informal)
god daghello; goodbye (literally: good day; can be used any time from morning until around 5pm)
god morgongood morning (used until around 11am)
god förmiddaggood morning (used from around 11am until noon)
god middaggood afternoon (used around noon)
god eftermiddaggood afternoon (used from noon until around 5pm)
god kvällgood evening (used from around 5pm)
välkommen till ...welcome to ...
hej or hej hejbye
god nattgoodnight
vi ses!see you! (informal)
vi ses snart!see you soon!
vi ses senare!see you later!
ha en bra dag!have a good day!
ursäkta migexcuse me (to get someone's attention or to get past someone); sorry
inga problemno problem
det gör ingetdon't worry about it
pratar du engelska?do you speak English?
jag pratar inte svenskaI don't speak Swedish
jag pratar lite svenskaI speak a little Swedish
jag pratar väldigt lite svenskaI only speak very little Swedish
var snäll och prata långsammareplease speak more slowly
kan du säga det igen?could you please repeat that?
jag förstårI understand
jag förstår inteI don't understand
jag vetI know
jag vet inteI don't know
var är toaletten?where is the toilet, please?