Basic phrases

Here are some basic Swedish phrases which you can use in everyday conversation, as well as some common words you will see on signs.

Var så godPlease
TackThanks (can also have the sense of "please" when used at the end of a request)
Tack så mycketThanks very much

The following are some polite ways you can reply to someone who thanks you:

Var så godYou're welcome
Det var så liteDon't mention it (literally: that was so little)
Ingen orsakNot at all

Saying hello and goodbye

Here are some different ways to greet people:

HejsanHi (informal)
hej or hej hejHello
God dagHello (literally: "good day"; can be used any time from morning until around 5pm)
God morgonGood morning (used until around 11am)
God förmiddagGood morning (used from around 11am until noon)
God middagGood afternoon (used around noon)
God eftermiddagGood afternoon (used from noon until around 5pm)
God kvällGood evening (used from around 5pm)

The following expressions, on the other hand, are some different things you can say when saying goodbye:

hej or hej hejBye
Vi ses!See you!
Vi ses snart!See you soon!
Vi ses senare!See you later!
Ha en trevlig dag!Have a nice day!
Ha en bra dag!Have a good day!
Trevlig helg!Have a good weekend!

Getting someone's attention and apologising

Ursäkta migExcuse me (can be used to get someone's attention, to get past someone, or to apologise)
ursäkta or FörlåtSorry

If someone apologises to you, you can reply using one of the following expressions:

Inga problemNo problem
Det är okIt's OK
Det gör inget or Ingen faraDon't worry about it

Making yourself understood

Talar du svenska?Do you speak Swedish?
Talar du engelska?Do you speak English?
Jag pratar inte svenskaI don't speak Swedish
Jag pratar lite svenskaI speak a little Swedish
Jag pratar väldigt lite svenskaI speak very little Swedish
Var snäll och tala långsammarePlease speak more slowly
Var snäll och skriv ner detPlease write it down
Kan du vara snäll och upprepa det?Could you please repeat that?
Jag förstårI understand
Jag förstår inteI don't understand

Other basic phrases

Jag vetI know
Jag vet inteI don't know
Ursäkta mig, var är toaletten?Excuse me, where's the toilet?

Things you might see

NödutgångEmergency exit
Ur functionOut of order
Rökning förbjudenNo smoking
Ingen ingångNo entry

Sound is available for all the Swedish phrases on this page — simply click on any phrase to hear it.

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