At the bank

When you go to the bank or need to use a cash machine, these are some of the Spanish expressions you will have to use.

me gustaría cambiar dineroI'd like to change some money
me gustaría cambiar ... por ...I'd like to change some ... for ...
libras esterlinasPounds sterling
dólares canadiensesCanadian dollars
dólares australianosAustralian dollars
yen japanésJapanese yen
coronas suecasSwedish crowns
coronas danesasDanish crowns
me gustaría abrir una cuentaI'd like to open an account
me gustaría abrir una cuenta personalI'd like to open a personal account
me gustaría abrir una cuenta de negociosI'd like to open a business account
me gustaría cancelar mi cuentaI'd like to close my account
¿tiene usted algun documento identificatorio?do you have any identification?
sí, tengo miyes, I have my ...
carnét de conducirdriving licence
documento nacional de identidadID card