Learn the names of different colours in French, including shades of colour.

Il est de quelle couleur?What colour is it? (referring to a masculine object)
Elle est de quelle couleur?What colour is it? (referring to a feminine object)
blanc / blanchewhite
orange (indeclinable)orange
marron (indeclinable)brown
vert / vertegreen
bleu / bleueblue
violet / violettepurple
gris / grisegrey
noir / noireblack
argenté or gris métallisésilver

Shades of colour

Note that compound colours such as the ones below do not decline in French, eg:

la maison vert clairthe light green house
vert clairlight green
marron clairlight brown
bleu clairlight blue
vert foncédark green
marron foncédark brown
bleu foncédark blue
vert vifbright green
rouge vifbright red
bleu vifbright blue

Sound is available for all the French vocabulary on this page — simply click on any word to hear it.

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