Checking out

These Estonian phrases will be useful when checking out of a hotel.

ma sooviksin välja kirjutadaI'd like to check out
ma sooviksin oma arvet makstaI'd like to pay my bill, please
selles arves on minu arvates vigaI think there's a mistake in this bill
kuidas te soovite maksta?how would you like to pay?
ma maksan ...I'll pay ...
kaardigaby credit card
arvegaby cheque
sularahasin cash
kas olete kasutanud minibaari?have you used the minibar?
me ei ole minibaari kasutanudwe haven't used the minibar
kas me saaksime pagasi alla toomisega abi?could we have some help bringing our luggage down?
kas teil on mingit kohta, kuhu me saaksime oma pagasi jätta?do you have anywhere we could leave our luggage?
kas ma saaksin kviitungi, palun?could I have a receipt, please?
kas te saaksite mulle takso kutsuda, palun?could you please call me a taxi?
ma loodan, et teil oli siin meeldivI hope you had an enjoyable stay
mulle meeldis siin vägaI've really enjoyed my stay
meile meeldis siin vägawe've really enjoyed our stay

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