Travelling by taxi

If you need to take a taxi, these phrases will come in handy.

do you know where I can get a taxi?
do you have a taxi number?

Ordering a taxi

I'd like a taxi, please
sorry, there are none available at the moment
where are you?
what's the address?
I'm …
at the Metropolitan Hotel
at the train station
at the corner of Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road
could I take your name, please?
how long will I have to wait?
how long will it be?
quarter of an hour
about ten minutes
it's on its way

In the taxi

where would you like to go?
I'd like to go to …
Charing Cross station
could you take me to …?
the city centre
how much would it cost to …?
Heathrow Airport
how much will it cost?
could we stop at a cashpoint?
is the meter switched on?
please switch the meter on

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