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About the Persian language

Persian is one of the world’s oldest languages. It is the official language of Iran, where it is known as Farsi, and parts of Afghanistan, where it is known as Dari. A variety of it is also spoken in Tajikistan where it is known as Tajik.

It is the most widely spoken Iranian language with over 50 million speakers in Iran and over 100 million in total who use it.

It falls within the Indo-European family of languages. It is written in the Arabic script in Iran and Afghanistan and in the Cyrillic script in Tajikistan.

So why learn Persian?

With a civilisation which goes back several thousand years, Iran can offer the visitor ancient historical sites, beautiful scenery, and a range of inexpensive resorts on the Caspian Sea. With a little knowledge of Persian, you will be overwhelmed by the friendliness of Iranians and their generous hospitality.

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