Here are some Italian phrases to help you when you go shopping, as well as some of the things you might see.

quanto costa?how much is this?
accettate carte di credito?do you take credit cards? (polite)
potete consegnarlo a casa?can you deliver this?
vuole un sacchetto?would you like a carrier bag? (polite)
mi da un sacchetto, per favore?could I have a carrier bag, please? (polite)
mi può dare un altro sacchetto, per favore?could I have another carrier bag, please?
il negozioshop
il centro commercialeshopping centre
a che ora chiudete?what time do you close?
siete aperti il sabato?are you open on Saturday?
siete aperti la domenica?are you open on Sunday?

Things you might see

aperto 24 ore su 24open 24 hours a day
lun - venMonday to Friday
(see Days of the week)