The weather

Here are some Estonian phrases you can use when talking about the weather.

kuidas ilm on?what's the weather like?
mis ilm on?what's the weather like?
päike paistabit's sunny
vihma sajabit's raining
lund sajabit's snowing
palav onit's hot
külm onit's cold
väga palav onit's very hot
väga külm onit's very cold
kui kena päev!what a nice day!
kui ilus päev!what a beautiful day!
kui kohutav päev!what a terrible day!
kui soe väljas on?what's the temperature?
mis ilmaennustus ütleb?what's the forecast?
ennustati, et hakkab sadamait's forecast to rain
paistab, et hakkab sadamait looks like it's going to rain

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