Here are some Estonian phrases to help you when you go shopping, as well as some of the things you might see.

kui palju see maksab?how much is this?
kas teil saab maksta kaardiga?do you take credit cards? (polite)
kas te toote koju?do you deliver?
kas te soovite kilekotti?would you like a carrier bag?
kas ma saaksin ühe kilekoti, palun?could I have a carrier bag, please?
kas ma saaksin veel ühe kilekoti, palun?could I have another carrier bag, please?
kaubamajadepartment store
millal te sulgete?what time do you close?
mis kell te sulete?what time do you close?
mis kellast pood suletakse?what time do you close? (literally: from what time is the shop closed)
kas te olete avatud laupäeval?are you open on Saturday?
kas te olete avatud pühapäeval?are you open on Sunday?
esimene korrusthe ground floor
teine korrusthe first floor
kolmas korrusthe second floor
neljas korrusthe third floor
viies korrusthe fourth floor
kuues korrusthe fifth floor
seitsmes korrusthe sixth floor
kaheksas korrusthe seventh floor
üheksas korrusthe eighth floor
kümnes korrusthe ninth floor
esimesel korruselon the ground floor
teisel korruselon the first floor
kolmandal korruselon the second floor
neljandal korruselon the third floor
viiendal korruselon the fourth floor
kuuendal korruselon the fifth floor
seitsmendal korruselon the sixth floor
kaheksandal korruselon the seventh floor
üheksandal korruselon the eighth floor
kümnendal korruselon the ninth floor

Things you might see

alati avatudalways open
E-RMonday to Friday
(see Days of the week)
hea hindgood value
eripakkuminespecial offer

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