Here are some of the phrases you may need and signs you will see if you travel by car.

kas siin tohib parkida?can I park here?
kus asub lähim bensiinijaam?where's the nearest petrol station?
sa jätsid tuled põlemayou've left your lights on
meil juhtus õnnetuswe've had an accident
see ei olnud minu süüit wasn't my fault
mu auto läks katkimy car has broken down
palun näidake oma juhilubacould I see your driving licence?
kas teate, kui kiiresti te sõitsite?do you know what speed you were doing?
kas te olete midagi joonud?have you had anything to drink?
kas ma saan rehvide rõhku kontrollida siin?can I check my tyre pressures here?

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