Making a reservation

These are some of the phrases you will need when making a hotel reservation.

Checking availability

kas teil on vabasid kohti?do you have any vacancies?
kui mitmeks ööks?for how many nights?
kui kauaks te jääte?how long will you be staying for?
üheks ööksone night
kaheks öökstwo nights
üheks nädalaksa week
missugust tuba te sooviksite?what sort of room would you like?
ma sooviksin ...I'd like a ...
üheinimesetubasingle room
kaheinimesetubadouble room
kahe voodiga tubatwin room
kolme voodiga tubatriple room
ma sooviksin ... tubaI'd like a room with ...
vannigaa bath
dušigaa shower
vaategaa view
vaatega merelea sea view
rõdugaa balcony
kas ma saaksin lisavoodi?could we have an extra bed?

Asking about facilities

kas toas on ...?does the room have ...?
konditsioneerair conditioning
kas seal on ...?is there a ...?
basseinswimming pool
ilusalongbeauty salon
kas lemmikloomad on lubatud?do you allow pets?
kas teie juurde pääseb ratastooliga?do you have wheelchair access?
kas teil on autoparkla?do you have a car park?

Discussing terms

kui palju on ühe öö hind?what's the price per night?
kas hommikusöök on kaasa arvatud?is breakfast included?
see on pisut rohkem kui oleksin nõus maksmathat's a bit more than I wanted to pay
kas saaksite mulle pakkuda allahindlust?can you offer me any discount?
kas teil on midagi ...?have you got anything ...?
kas ma saaksin tuba näha?may I see the room?

Making the booking

olgu, ma võtan selleOK, I'll take it
ma sooviksin tuba reserveeridaI'd like to make a reservation
kuidas on teie nimi?what's your name, please?
teid krediitkaardi number, paluncan I take your credit card number?
mis kell te saabute?what time will you be arriving?

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