General conversation

Here are some common Estonian phrases for general conversation with people you already know.

Asking how someone is

Kuidas läheb?How's it going?
Kuidas sul läheb?How are you doing?
Hästi, aitähI'm fine, thanks
Normaalselt, aitähAlright, thanks
Mitte nii hästiNot so well
Kuidas endal?How about you?
Aga sinul?And you?

Asking what someone is or has been doing

Millega sa tegeled?What are you up to?
Mida sa teinud oled?What have you been up to?
Palju töötanudWorking a lot
Palju õppinudStudying a lot
Mul on väga kiire olnudI've been very busy
Nagu tavaliseltSame as usual
Ei midagi erilistNot much
Ma tulin just … tagasiI've just come back from …

Asking where someone is

Kus sa oled?Where are you?
Ma olen …I'm …
kodusat home
töölat work
linnasin town
maalin the countryside
poodidesat the shops
rongison a train
Erki juuresat Erki's

Asking about someone's plans

Kas sul on suveks plaane?Do you have any plans for the summer?
Mida sa … teed?What are you doing for …?
uusaastalNew Year

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