Checking in

On arrival at your hotel these expressions will help you when checking in.

mul on tuba reserveeritudI have a reservation
teie nimi, palunyour name, please?
minu nimi on name is ...
palun näidake oma passicould I see your passport?
palun täitke see registreerumisblankettcould you please fill in this registration form?
mis kell on hommikusöök?what time is breakfast?
hommikusöök on kella seitsmest kümnenibreakfast is from 7am to 10am
kas hommikusöögi saaks tuppa?could I have breakfast in my room, please?
mis kell avatakse restoran õhtusöögi jaoks?what time is the restaurant open for dinner?
õhtusöök on kella seistmest kümnenidinner is from 7pm to 10pm
mis kell baar suletakse?what time does the bar close?
kas soovite ajalehte?would you like a newspaper?
kas soovite äratuskõne?would you like a wake-up call?
ma broneerisin paaristoamy booking was for a twin room
ma broneerisin kaheinimesetoamy booking was for a double room
kas teil on pagasiga abi vaja?would you like any help with your luggage?
siin on teie toa võtihere is your room key
teie toa number on ...your room number is ...
teie tuba asub ... korruselyour room is on the ... floor
kus liftid asuvad?where are the lifts?
nautige oma siinviibimist!enjoy your stay!

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