At the bank

When you go to the bank or need to use a cash machine, these are some of the Estonian expressions you will have to use.

ma sooviksin vahetada valuutatI'd like to change some money
ma sooviksin osta ...I'd like some ...
Inglise naeluBritish pounds
Läti latteLatvian Lats
Leedu litteLithuanian Litas
Rootsi krooneSwedish Crowns
Norra krooneNorwegian Crowns
ma sooviksin avada arvetI'd like to open an account
ma sooviksin avada eraisiku arvetI'd like to open a personal account
ma sooviksin avada firmale arvetI'd like to open a business account
palun, isikut tõendavat dokumenti do you have some identification?
juhilubadriving licence
ID kaartID card
mis on teie isikukood?what is your Residency Number?