At a bar or café

There's no more enjoyable place to practise your Estonian than in a pub! Here are some expressions to help you order drinks or food in a pub, bar, or café.

mida sa juua soovid?what would you like to drink? (familiar)
ma sooviksin ...I'd like ...
ühe tassi kohvia cup of coffee
ühe tassi teeda cup of tea
ühe tassi kuuma šokolaadia cup of hot chocolate
üks õlu, paluna beer, please
üks klaas valget veini, paluna glass of white wine, please
üks klaas punast veini, paluna glass of red wine, please
üks kuum šokolaad, paluna hot chocolate, please
paluks veel üks õluanother beer, please
paluks veel kaks õlutanother two beers, please
paluks veel üks kohvanother coffee, please
paluks veel kaks kohvianother two coffees, please
paluks veel ühedanother round, please

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