Using the telephone

The phrases in this section are commonly used in telephone conversations, when calling directory enquiries and when using mobiles.

Making and answering a call

John speaking
it's Maria here
could I speak to …, please?
who's calling?
could I ask who's calling?
where are you calling from?
what company are you calling from?
how do you spell that?
do you know what extension he's on?
one moment, please
hold the line, please
I'll put him on
I'll put her on
I'm sorry, he's …
not available at the moment
in a meeting
I'm sorry, she's …
on another call
not in at the moment
would you like to leave a message?
could you ask him to call me?
could you ask her to call me?
can I take your number?
what's your number?
could I take your name and number, please?
I'll call back later
is it convenient to talk at the moment?
can I call you back?
please call back later
thanks for calling
how do I get an outside line?
have you got a telephone directory?
can I use your phone?

If you receive an unwanted phone call, you might find the following expressions useful:

I'm sorry, I'm not interested
sorry, I'm busy at the moment

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