Services and repairs

If you have any personal items which need repairing or cleaning, these phrases will be helpful.

General repairs

do you know where I can get my … repaired?
the screen’s broken
there's something wrong with …
my watch
this radio
do you do … repairs?
how much will it cost?
when will it be ready?
how long will it take?
I can do it straight away
it'll be ready …
by tomorrow
next week
I won't be able to do it for at least two weeks
are you able to repair it?
we can't do it here
we're going to have to send it back to the manufacturers
it's not worth repairing
my watch has stopped
can I have a look at it?
I think it needs a new battery
I've come to collect my …


could you print the photos on this memory card for me?
could you print the photos on this memory stick for me?
would you like matt or gloss prints?
what size prints would you like?

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