Here are some of the phrases you may need and signs you will see if you travel by car.

can I park here?
where's the nearest petrol station?
how far is it to the next services?
are we nearly there?
please slow down!
we've had an accident
sorry, it was my fault
it wasn't my fault
you've left your lights on
have you passed your driving test?

At a petrol station

how much would you like?
full, please
£25 worth, please
it takes …
it’s an electric car
I'd like some oil
can I check my tyre pressures here?

Mechanical problems

my car's broken down
my car won't start
we've run out of petrol
the battery's flat
have you got any jump leads?
I've got a flat tyre
I've got a puncture
the … isn't working
petrol gauge
fuel gauge
the … aren't working
brake lights
there's something wrong with …
the engine
the steering
the brakes
the car's losing oil

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