More common expressions

Common questions

where are you?
what's this?
what's that?
is anything wrong?
what's the matter?
is everything OK?
have you got a minute?
have you got a pen I could borrow?
are you sure?
why not?
what's going on?
what's happening?
what happened?
how many?
how much?

Congratulations and commiserations

well done!
good luck!
bad luck!
never mind!
what a pity! or what a shame!
happy birthday!
happy New Year!
happy Easter!
happy Christmas! or merry Christmas!
happy Valentine's Day!
glad to hear it
sorry to hear that

Expressing needs and feelings

I'm tired
I'm exhausted
I'm hungry
I'm thirsty
I'm bored
I'm worried
I'm looking forward to it
I'm in a good mood
I'm in a bad mood
I can't be bothered

More ways to greet or say goodbye to someone

welcome to …
long time, no see!
all the best!
see you tomorrow!

Asking and expressing opinions

what do you think?
I think that ...
I hope that ...
I'm afraid that ...
in my opinion, ...
I agree
I disagree or I don't agree
that's true
that's not true
I think so
I don't think so
I hope so
I hope not
you're right
you're wrong
I don't mind
it's up to you
that depends
that's interesting
that's funny, ...

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