Making a reservation

These are some of the phrases you will need when making a hotel reservation.

Checking availability

do you have any vacancies?
from what date?
for how many nights?
how long will you be staying for?
one night
two nights
a week
a fortnight (US English: two weeks)
what sort of room would you like?
I'd like a …
single room
double room
twin room
triple room
I'd like a room with …
an en-suite bathroom
a bath
a shower
a view
a sea view
a balcony
I'd like …
half board
full board
could we have an extra bed?

Asking about facilities

does the room have …?
internet access
air conditioning
is there a …?
swimming pool
beauty salon
do you allow pets?
do you have wheelchair access?
do you have a car park?
the room has a shared bathroom

Discussing terms

what's the price per night?
is breakfast included?
that's a bit more than I wanted to pay
can you offer me any discount?
have you got anything …?
could I see the room?

Making the booking

OK, I'll take it
I'd like to make a reservation
what's your name, please?
could I take your name?
can I take your …?
credit card number
telephone number
what time will you be arriving?

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