Family and relationships

Here are some useful English phrases for discussing family and relationships. Learn how to talk about brothers and sisters, children, and other family members, as well as describe your personal status.

Brothers and sisters

do you have any brothers or sisters?
yes, I've got …
a brother
a sister
an elder brother
a younger sister
two brothers
two sisters
one brother and two sisters
no, I'm an only child

Children and grandchildren

have you got any kids?
do you have any children?
yes, I've got …
a boy and a girl
a young baby
three kids
I don't have any children
do you have any grandchildren?

Parents and grandparents

where do your parents live?
what do your parents do?
what does your father do?
what does your mother do?
are your grandparents still alive?
where do they live?


do you have a boyfriend?
do you have a girlfriend?
are you married?
are you single?
are you seeing anyone?
I'm …
a widow
a widower
I'm seeing someone


have you got any pets?
I've got …
a dog and two cats
a Labrador

Asking names and ages

what's his name?
he's called …
what's her name?
she's called …
what are their names?
they're called …
Neil and Anna
how old is he?
he's …
how old is she?
she's …
how old are they?
they're …
six and eight

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