Here are some English phrases and exclamations for use in emergencies and other difficult situations. Hopefully you won't need to use them!

Note that in a genuine emergency, you can contact the emergency services in the UK by calling 999; the number to call in the USA and Canada is 911.

be careful!
look out! or watch out!
please help me

Medical emergencies

call an ambulance!
I need a doctor
there's been an accident
please hurry!
I've cut myself
I've burnt myself
are you OK?
is everyone OK?


stop, thief!
call the police!
my wallet's been stolen
my purse has been stolen
my handbag's been stolen
my laptop's been stolen
my phone's been stolen
I'd like to report a theft
my car's been broken into
I've been mugged
I've been attacked


call the fire brigade!
can you smell burning?
there's a fire
the building's on fire

Other difficult situations

I'm lost
we're lost
I can't find my …
I can't find my keys
I can't find my passport
I can't find my mobile
I've lost my …
I've lost my wallet
I've lost my purse
I've lost my camera
I've locked myself out of my …
I've locked myself out of my car
I've locked myself out of my room
please leave me alone
go away!

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