At the doctors

Being examined

can I have a look?
where does it hurt?
it hurts here
does it hurt when I press here?
I'm going to take your …
blood pressure
could you roll up your sleeve?
your blood pressure's …
quite low
rather high
very high
your temperature's …
a little high
very high
open your mouth, please
cough, please

Treatments and advice

you're going to need a few stiches
I'm going to give you an injection
we need to take a …
urine sample
blood sample
you need to have a blood test
I'm going to prescribe you some antibiotics
take two of these pills three times a day
take this prescription to the chemist
do you smoke?
you should stop smoking
how much alcohol do you drink a week?
you should cut down on your drinking
you need to try and lose some weight
I want to send you for an x-ray
I want you to see a specialist

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