At a pub, bar, or café

There's no more enjoyable place to practise your English than in a pub! Here are some expressions to help you order drinks or food in a pub, bar, or café.

Note that at pubs in Britain, it's customary to order drinks and food at the bar, although some pubs with restaurant areas may take your order at the table.

Ordering drinks

what would you like to drink?
what are you having?
what can I get you?
I'll have …, please
a pint of lager (one pint is a little over half a litre)
a pint of bitter (a type of traditional English beer)
a glass of white wine
a glass of red wine
an orange juice
a coffee
a Coke
a Diet Coke
large or small?
would you like ice with that?
no ice, please
a little, please
lots of ice, please
a beer, please
two beers, please
three shots of tequila, please
are you being served?
I'm being served, thanks
who's next?
which wine would you like?
house wine is fine
which beer would you like?
would you like draught or bottled beer?
I'll have the same, please
nothing for me, thanks
I'll get these
keep the change!
whose round is it?
it's my round
it's your round
another beer, please
another two beers, please
same again, please
are you still serving drinks?
last orders!

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