At a pub, bar, or café

Ordering snacks and food

do you have any snacks?
do you have any sandwiches?
do you serve food?
what time does the kitchen close?
are you still serving food?
a packet of crisps, please
what flavour would you like?
ready salted
cheese and onion
salt and vinegar
what sort of sandwiches do you have?
do you have any hot food?
today's specials are on the board
is it table service or self-service?
what can I get you?
would you like anything to eat?
could we see a menu, please?

When placing your order at a café which offers take-away food, you may be asked:

eat in or take-away?

Bar games

does anyone fancy a game of …?

Internet access

do you have internet access here?
do you have wireless internet here?
what’s the password for the internet?

The next day...

I feel fine
I feel terrible
I've got a hangover
I'm never going to drink again!


do you smoke?
no, I don't smoke
I've given up
do you mind if I smoke?
would you like a cigarette?
have you got a light?

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