Basic phrases

Here are some basic Dutch phrases which you can use in everyday conversation, as well as some common words you will see on signs.

nee or neenno (nee is mainly used by itself, and neen when as part of a sentence)
alsjeblieftplease (familiar)
alstublieftplease (polite)
dank jethanks (familiar)
dank uthank you (polite)
hartelijk dankthank you very much
graag gedaanyou're welcome

Saying hello and goodbye

hallohi, hello
goededaghello (literally: good day; can be used any time from morning until around 5pm)
goedemorgengood morning (used until around noon)
goedemiddaggood afternoon (used from noon until 6pm)
goedenamiddaggood afternoon (less common, used from noon until around 4pm)
goedeavondgood evening (used after 6pm)
tot ziens!see you later!
doeibye (informal, typically Dutch)
daagbye (infomal, typically Flemish)
een prettige dag!have a nice day!

Apologising and getting someone's attention

excuseer me or excuseer mij
excuse me (to get attention or to get past someone) sorrysorry
geen probleemno problem

Making yourself understood

spreek je Engels?do you speak English? (familiar)
spreekt u Engels?do you speak English? (polite)
spreek je Nederlands?do you speak Dutch? (familiar)
spreekt u Nederlands?do you speak Dutch? (polite)
ik spreek geen NederlandsI don't speak Dutch
ik spreek niet goed NederlandsI don't speak much Dutch
ik spreek een beetje NederlandsI speak a little Dutch
ik spreek een heel klein beetje NederlandsI only speak very little Dutch
alsjeblieft, spreek langzamerplease speak more slowly (familiar)
alstublieft, spreek langzamerplease speak more slowly (polite)
kan u dat alstublieft herhalen?could you please repeat that? (polite)
ik versta het nietI don't understand

Other basic phrases

ik weet het nietI don't know
waar zijn de toiletten, alsjeblieft?where are the toilets, please? (familiar)
waar zijn de toiletten, alstublieft?where are the toilets, please? (polite)