General conversation

Here are some common Danish phrases for general conversation with people you already know.

Asking how someone is

Hvordan har du det?How are you?
Hvordan går det?How's it going?
Hvad så?How are you doing?
Hvordan står det til?How are things?
Jeg har det fint, takI'm fine, thanks
Jeg er ok, takI'm OK, thanks
Ikke så dårligt, takNot too bad, thanks
Ok, takAlright, thanks
Ikke så godtNot so well
Hvad med dig?How about you?
Og dig?And you?

Asking what someone is or has been doing

Hvad går du og laver?What are you up to?
Hvad har du gået og lavet?What have you been up to?
Arbejdet megetWorking a lot
Studeret megetStudying a lot
Jeg har haft meget travltI've been very busy
Det samme som altidSame as usual
Ikke så megetNot much
Jeg er lige kommet hjem fra …I've just come back from …

Asking where someone is

Hvor er du?Where are you?
Jeg er …I'm …
hjemmeat home
på arbejdeat work
i byenin town
på landetin the countryside
på indkøbat the shops
i togeton a train
hos Kasperat Kasper's

Asking about someone's plans

Har du nogle sommerferieplaner?Do you have any plans for the summer?
Hvad skal du til …?What are you doing for …?
nytårNew Year

Sound is available for all the Danish phrases on this page — simply click on any phrase to hear it.

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